You might think of a scavenger hunt as child’s play, but this traditional game makes an ideal team building exercise. A hunt turns team building from a dreaded office exercise into one of your company’s special events. But it offers much more than a party atmosphere. It’s an entertaining and interactive way to encourage teamwork, learning and spur out of the box thinking.

Team Building Goals
When you make learning fun, it becomes easier to learn. Team building exercises provide an opportunity to:
– improve teamwork,
– improve workplace happiness,
– forge more meaningful relationships between co-workers,
– improve productivity.
These broad goals translate to more specific tools and strategies that evolve a better workplace when conducting a scavenger hunt.

What Scavenger Hunts Offer
A hunt requires the team to use good communication techniques, critical thinking skills and analysis to solve clues and locate each item. Since it uses a time limit it also tests group time management. As employees locate each item, they experience improved confidence. The entire experience promotes positivity and positive thinking by giving co-workers an enjoyable, stress-free mutual goal. A museum provides an ideal location since it provides an all-weather, diverse environment.

Museum Ideas
Think out of the box regarding museums. A silent gallery filled with the Great Masters might come to mind, but you can tailor the type of museum to your needs. Your museum choices include:
– art,
– natural history,
– science and industry,
– specialty.
A specialty museum focuses on a sole topic, such as baseball, military, or automobiles. A manufacturing firm might choose to host its special event in a museum of science and industry. The museum provides a learning environment for employees who experience the history of manufacturing. It provides inspiration by showing how each innovator developed his or her contribution, including the challenges faced. If there’s no science and industry or specialty museum near you that fits your industry, you can create a themed hunt using an art or natural history museum focusing on a particular artist, period, era or epoch.

A museum scavenger hunt provides one of the most ideal corporate team building activities by providing an opportunity for employees to jointly improve communications, inter-office relations, advanced skills like critical thinking, and build confidence in themselves and one another in a positive, fun learning environment. A museum offers unique, industry specific exhibits that enhance knowledge while providing inspiration.

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