Security guards are hired with the goal of preventing people from getting hurt or even worse outside of an office building, public event or private residence. However, it is still possible for an altercation to occur or for someone to attempt to cause harm. Whenever something happens that is unusual or leads to an altercation, it is critical that an incident management system includes immediate reporting.

Why Should All Incidents Be Reported Immediately?

Reporting an incident immediately allows it to be entered into a database that can be used to refine or improve guard practices or training programs. Over time, security guard management companies can use this information to modify what guards learn during training or what they should look out for in a given area. Ideally, this will keep them one step ahead of those who wish to cause harm to individuals or groups of people.

Incident Reporting Should Be Made Easy

Reporting an incident should be easy for security guards so that they will get into the habit of making thorough, timely and accurate reports. Incident reporting software can prompt an individual for pertinent details that should go into the report to make it worthwhile for law enforcement or others who may need it. When done correctly, those who have committed a crime or planned to do so can be brought to justice. It may also make it easier to stop those who are acting suspicious from having the chance to commit a crime against the community.

Reporting Everything Makes it Easier to Connect the Dots

When taken on its own, a case may seem irrelevant or involve only a minor offense. However, when taken in the context of several cases in a given area, it may suddenly become part of a larger plot that security guards should be concerned about. For instance, protocol for lost children may involve trying to contact their parents and releasing the children back into their custody.

In some cases, it could be a ploy for a criminal to pose as a parent to abduct a child. That adult could also be using a child as an excuse to survey how security responds or as a method of getting into a central security office. Unless every incident is documented as it happens, it may not be possible to use those small details to stop what may be a more widespread problem.

Security guards should be encouraged to report everything that they see. Doing so makes it easier to keep people safe whether they are going home from work or trying to get into a public festival. While not all crime can be prevented, it is still worthwhile to do what it takes to stop as many crimes from occurring as possible.

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