Over the years, the cost of office printers has reduced significantly, making it an easier purchase than it was before. As a result, small businesses can now acquire a colour laser printer for a considerably low initial outlay. A colour laser printer is one of the most suitable printers for small business offices since it provides high-quality text prints, economical prints per page, and extremely fast printing speeds. Here are some features to consider before you purchase a laser-based office printer.

Colour or monochrome
Your primary need is your first criterion. To determine the most suitable printer for your business, you need to know the type of documents you will be printing. If you will be printing colour documents regularly, then a colour laser printer would be the best choice.

You should consider a multifunction laser printer if you want to send and receive faxes, scan documents, and make copies. Not all office printers are equipped to perform these tasks. You should also look into functions such as scanning to network locations and USB sticks, or the ability to scan and print using Cloud-based applications. For such functions, a wireless laser printer might be the best choice.

Paper handling
Many printers are incapable of handling prints larger than the A4 size. As such, looking at specific models might be your only option if you intend to print on A3-sized paper. While you will probably have the ability to print on envelopes and heavier paper if your office printer features a multi-purpose tray, you must check the specifications included for the exact weight of paper and number of envelopes it can handle. For a busy business, having enough paper in your printer at all times is important. Look for a printer with the appropriate capacity for your printing needs, or one that allows the addition of a tray.

Make sure you consider every paper handling characteristic that concerns your printing needs, including the ability to print both sides of a document automatically, or copy and scan multi-page documents through an automatic document feeder. For more information, you can visit the West X Business Solutions website.

Although USB connection is standard on every printer, an office environment calls for the ability to print over a network connection. All you have to do is install the printer’s driver on every computer in your office. Aside from the fact that you can set up a device on your wireless network if it features wireless connectivity, this feature also allows mobile devices to communicate with the printer directly and print via an application. With a wireless laser printer, your employees can print without leaving their workstations, and from a variety of devices. However, you need to be sure the printer you choose supports every operating system used in your office to ensure all your devices have access.

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