Have you been planning to get yourself and the team a much bigger work space?  We understand that moving a household and office is very different but, not difficult. It is an overwhelming phase with literal and figurative things to be moved. Not only will the stationery have to be moved but also, a lot of electrical items along with it. We assure you that there is no need to hit the panic button and we have a list to sort your queries out.

Choose an area of your office to plan the move

You and your team could sit down in one common room to plan and organize the move. It would total chaos if you do it at your respective desks. Experts in moving www.hudsonmovers.com add that organizing it together from one space would make the process a little less cumbersome. Set aside a slot of your work hours for this and begin the planning way ahead of the move.

Creating a budget for the move

This decision will have to be taken keeping the size of your establishment in mind. WikiHow states the importance of this step and that it has to be done with the accountant team. A lot of factors will have to keep in mind as the current revenue of the company. The budget can be made things like hiring packers and movers, supplies for packing, cost of the company while involved in the move and so on.

Keep all the employees updated

This is one of the most important steps as all employees are entitled to know about this move. Some of them stay in areas adjacent to your current office and will need time to plan if you are moving far away. They will have to understand how their new workplace will look like and how close they are getting to the move.

Start setting up the documents

This is an extremely important part of the move as all your work has to be documented properly. The ones that have to be digitized have to be done so and will make your move a lot easier. Moving paperwork can be tricky if not planned properly.

Take stock of the inventory owned by the company

This step will help you determine in buying more inventory for the new office space. If you are already well stocked, there would not be a need to spend too much on it. Mark and put them in the appropriate boxes and this helps the unpacking part. Inventory includes documents and categorizes them as per the departments the company has. Assign people for these tasks and have a review meeting every week.

Set up the IT department beforehand for the new space

Set up the IT department beforehand for the new space

We live in an era where all our work is dependable on the internet and the IT department of a firm. Make sure both these are set up in the new office before the move happens. Work cannot come to a standstill because your office is being moved. Business moves will have to be done over a period of days or weeks. The first thing employees will need is the Internet and the help of the department to get work back on track.

These are just some of the tips that could come in handy when you move your office space. A well planned and organized move will prove to be effective and won’t bring your work to a halt. We wish you and your team of employees a happy and safe move!

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