A dna paternity test is used to determine the father of a child. In fact, it has become the standard for finding out who the father is, where once upon a time people used to rely on circumstantial evidence. So, why would such a paternity test be done? Consider the following reasons:

1. An Important Relationship

For most people, having a child is a deeply intimate connection that changes their lives for the better, but in some cases it’s not always clear who the father is. Many men go through their lives not knowing whether they have a child, and a DNA paternity test can give them clear evidence.

But, it’s not all about the father. Many mothers need to know the paternity of the father because this can provide a deeper meaning to their relationship with their child. Unfortunately many children do not have clear paternity, and knowing who the father is can help to develop a lifelong bond between man, woman, and child.

2. Legal Implications

The use of a paternity test to determine who the legal parents are is crucial in many legal cases. Many states need proof of biological parenthood to determine any child custody arrangements and child support obligations.

3. Clearing up Custody and Child Support Issues

There are many cases where a man may seek custody of a child simply because he believes that he is the biological father. In some cases, this may simply not be true and a DNA test is required to determine the legality of this.

Similarly, a man may request paternity testing if they are financially supporting a child they believe is not their own. In these cases, such testing can set the record straight and provide clear evidence either way for all concerned.

4. Support in Immigration Cases

In some cases, a child may have a foreign father and a Canadian mother, but a paternity test is used to determine the identity of the father so that they are cleared for immigration. This is vital in cases where a father is applying to immigrate to the country and they are claiming that they have a child who is a Canadian citizen.

5. A Rapid Method of Testing for Paternity

Advances in DNA testing mean that having a paternity test done is quick and convenient. The results of these tests are used in a variety of cases to provide evidence either way for the legal paternity of a child.

The relationship between father and child is a deeply personal and intimate bond and it is not always clear who the real father may be. This is why paternity testing can be so useful. In so many cases, it can change the life of the father, the mother, and the child for the better. In this context, fast and accurate paternity testing is important in both a legal sense and in a personal sense.

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