Corrugated boxes

When a person is storing something, mailing items or moving, it is important that it be packaged correctly. Corrugated packing has many advantages and is an excellent choice. Packaging companies have many different sizes and styles available so it is possible to find one or several that will work perfectly.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated boxboard was introduced to the world in 1890. It is constructed in various weights, sizes, surface coating, and surface treatments. It consists of a special paper called containerboard and has two components. These are a linerboard and medium. Medium is paper formed with flutes glued between linerboard facings.

Flutes are the spaces between sheets of linerboard and the outer sheet on corrugated materials. These flutes are in single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall. As a rule, larger flute profiles will provide greater cushioning, pressure resistance and bending from all directions.

For many years, this packaging was simply burned or thrown in a landfill. However, it has been found that they can be easily recycled, are a first-rate source of fiber that can be remade into new fiber and paper products.

Fiberboard shredders are also being used to further the life of corrugated packaging. When shredded, the resulting material is used for cushioning items being shipped.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are available in numerous sizes, which make them ideal for all types of packing or shipping. Whether you have something as small as a vase or as big as a refrigerator, there are boxes available that will be a perfect fit.

A seal, known as a Box Certificate, may be found on the bottom of the box. This seal provides information regarding gross weight limit, Edge Crush Test and size limit maximum outside dimensions. While not required it is an indication of compliance with corrugated box regulations.

Pop Displays

Every time you walk into a store, you will see corrugated pop displays. Developed by retail packaging engineers, this type of corrugated packaging is designed to attract your attention to various items that are for sale. These containers are used on custom floor, counter, pallet and other displays.

Packaging Companies

Reports reveal that there are approximately 1,300 corrugated manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States. This industry adds $26 billion to Canadian and United States economies.

There are various associations in Canada such as the Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association. Their mission is “To lead by advancing the competitiveness of the Canadian corrugated & containerboard industry‚Ķ”. There are also other associations whose members are dedicated to manufacturing a product that is strong, durable and will provide safe packaging for everyone.

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