Running a small business isn’t easy, and saving money is important, especially when it comes to shipping your products. Unlike large businesses, small businesses don’t send out hundreds of packages every day. Figuring out a cost-effective way to ship products is a challenge, so below are a few tips for small business shipping that can save you money and make the entire process slightly easier. The less time you spend worrying about transporting goods, the more time you have to focus on your business.

Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Just because you don’t ship a lot doesn’t mean you have time to run to the post office every time you need to mail a few packages. This is both time-consuming and costly. Thankfully, most courier services offer pick-up and delivery services free of charge because they’re often in your area delivering packages anyway. Offering you free deliveries guarantees that you will use their services. The only drawback here is that your shipment schedule will be at the mercy of the carrier’s schedule.

Multiple Shipping Carriers

Customers like options. As a small business owner, it’s your job to give that to them. Even though you negotiate a lower-cost deal with one carrier, you don’t have to use that carrier exclusively. Studies show that small businesses can increase customer satisfaction by offering several shipment options. On the plus side, this may create a bit of competition for your business between the carriers.

Reuse Shipping Boxes, Not Labels

It’s fine to reuse old shipment boxes. However, it’s not a good idea to reuse the boxes with their previous shipment labels still attached because the old labels contain information about previous addresses. While it doesn’t happen all the time, carriers warn that boxes have been shipped to the wrong addresses before because their scanners read the wrong labels. Save yourself and your customers a headache, and cover up or remove those labels before reusing your boxes.

Shipment Software

Several services help you not only keep up with shipments made but also printing labels. It’s true that you’re likely to pay for these services, but it will be worth the time and trouble in the end. By logging into your account, you can print batches of labels and even check the status of those shipments easily.

While it’s true that the more you ship, the more leverage you have when it comes to negotiating your shipping rates, it doesn’t mean that you have no power. Using the tips above, you can use courier services to save time and money so that you can put more effort into making your business the best it can be. The Flagship Courier Solutions website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

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