The need to get hold of some shipping companies is going to come around whether you are an occasional gift giver or someone who makes a living selling goods that need to be shipped. Here are four of your choices:

1. Canada Post Office

The Canadian post office can provide you with some courier services if you would like to use them to ship your package. The post office has a variety of services that include preparing your shipment online and then sending it to where it needs to go. The benefits of using the post office are that you can receive a hefty amount of insurance coverage for your items, and you get reliable tracking.

2. Private Delivery Services

Private delivery services are usually very small businesses that consist of five or fewer employees. You may see their postings in the free classified ads or somewhere around town. These are good options if your budget and the pricing are what matters most to you. The positive side is that you can probably receive a significant price drop if you use a company like this. The downside is that you may not have as much protection for yourself or your goods if you go this route. It could still work out well, however. Once you build trust with the driver, you could use them for shipping in Canada more frequently.

3. Corporate Logistics Company

Corporate logistic companies are usually a good way to go because they have a lot of experience, positive feedback and certain guarantees on their work. You may even be able to receive a discount from such a company if you are someone who ships things frequently. These companies often offer discounts and specials for their valued customers. Additionally, they usually make shipping extremely convenient for their customers. For example, they will come to your residence and get the item so that you can ship it without even walking out of your front door. You may want to look into shipping your items with a company like this in the near future. The 3PL Links website may be able to provide you with more information.

4. Delivery Service App

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and that includes delivery services. You may want to download an application that can connect you with contractors who make deliveries for people in their spare time. Such people do have to go through verification processes to be able to drive the deliveries, so you can have a certain level of reassurance if you decide to use that method to send your items.

Those are just some ideas for shipping. What you need to do is choose the option that benefits you the most and is the easiest for you to do. You’ll find the right method if you take your time and research the features of each one.

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