While there are many details that require your attention when planning special events, reserving party rentals should be at the top of your list. Whether you are hosting corporate events, a wedding reception or something else, your party rentals will impact the functionality of your space and the comfort of your guests. After all, you simply cannot host holiday office parties or other types of special events without chairs, tables and other items. If you are preparing to budget for party supplies and equipment, use these tips to streamline the process and to potentially save money.

1. Analyze Your Guest List

Before you contact a party rental company to make a reservation, you need to determine ahead of time how many tables, chairs and other items you will need. Analyze your guest list carefully, and make a list of the items that are required or preferred. When you request quotes, you can provide your list to each provider that you reach out to. This is a convenient way to obtain numerous quotes with minimal time required on your part.

2. Think About Legitimate Needs

There are numerous types of extra equipment, décor items and more that you could potential add to your venue. However, if you are like many party hosts, you may be trying to plan a special event on a budget. Therefore, think about the legitimate needs that you have for supplies and equipment first. If funds allow, you can always add extra decorative pieces or other items to your order at the last minute.

3. Shop for Great Rates

If you want to save money on your rental equipment and supplies, you need to compare multiple offers. The fastest and easiest way to shop for rates is to email a list of your necessary items to several top rental companies in your area. Read consumer reviews and the fine print on the estimates in order to find the best overall deal possible.

4. Consider Picking Up the Items Yourself

If you want to save money on party rentals, you may be able to shave several hundred dollars or more off of your quote if you are willing to do some of the work yourself. Specifically, if you can pick up the items and return them to the store on your own, you are eliminating a service that you otherwise would have to pay for. Consider your ability to transport the items as well as the availability of manpower to help you unload and load the vehicle.

Saving money on all aspects of your party planning efforts is important. Your rented party supplies and equipment can be expensive, but you can see that there are several great steps that you can take to budget for these items and to even save money on them. For more information, you may want to consult with Hart Entertainment for their resources and insights.

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