Moving to college is a double-edged sword fraught with excitement and worry. Uprooting your entire life and making it fit into a cramped dorm room is a challenge. Once the dust of unpacking has settled and the college movers have delivered your big stuff, the issue of organizing your things into such limited space becomes a monumental task. Here are five hacks to help you settle into your mouse hole, oops, dorm room:

1. Use Stackable Bins

With such limited space in a dorm room, professional college movers advice that using vertical space is one nifty solution in creating more room for storage. Invest in stackable bins to store your things. Aside from being space savers, the see-through or semi-opaque color of these bins can help you easily identify what’s inside. Using stackable bins will also help you stay organized because you can compartmentalize your belongings. The information on the Matco Calgary Movers website is a good resource if you want to learn more.

2. Attach Wall Hooks and Mounts

Make use of your walls to create more storage space. You can use sturdy hooks to hang your bags, belts, necklaces, scarves, coats, and other paraphernalia. Wall mounts can help you install shelving for your books. These handy hooks and mounts can also help you put pocket shelving behind your door. Utilizing every inch of space is a smart move.

3. Utilize Space Under the Bed

There’s always a lot of space under your bed so be sure to bring a collapsible bag or a plastic bin that fits right under it. You can store rarely used items there such as towels, linens, sporting equipment, and the like. Buying a vacuum bag might be an even better idea because this allows you to suck the air out of your things, compressing bulky items. Doing so enables you to fit more stuff under your bed.

4. Invest in Folding Furniture

Buy folding furniture that you can stow away when they are not in use. Folding tables, folding chairs, and even folding beds that you can store flat by the side of a wall are always welcome in small spaces. They add functionality without adding to the clutter or disrupting the room’s already limited floor plan.

5. De-clutter your Closet

The final, but most important hack is to de-clutter your closet. Moving to college is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. Take out all the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last couple of months. The chances of you wearing them again are minimal. Replace old holey shirts and worn out pants. Throwaway your shoes that have seen better days. Moving to a college is transitioning to an adult life. Doing it without excess baggage is the best way to start your new life with flair and style.

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