Great customer experience is only achievable with god contact center agents. And you will find that it is the low-performing agents who end up contributing to the high rates of call center agent attrition. At the end of the day, it is these low-performing agents who end up costing their contact and call centers significant sums of money each year. Bad customer service from a low-performing agent is enough to spoil a business’s reputation.

And that’s one of the main reasons why it is important to only identify your company with great contact center agents. Identify the agents with the right skills for the job and you have a great call center for your business. Here are some awesome qualities that you may be interested in.

1. Courteousness

A good contact center agent will know how to relate to and communicate with customers. In as much as this might sound obvious, it isn’t. And not all of your contact center agents will be as patient and friendly with your customers as you would want them to. Most customers will immediately sense and apathetic or negative attitude from your contact center agents. And that alone is enough to take your business back a long way.

2. Professionalism

A good contact center agent ensures that he/she stays as professional as possible with your customers. Everyone is bound to have bad days off work, maybe at home. But the moment you start to bring some of your frustrations from home or wherever else to work, then you will basically be leaving your professionalism at the office door and can end up causing a lot of unwarranted chaos.

3. Respectfulness

Your contact center agents will come in contact with irate customers all the time. Others simply looking to know why your products aren’t performing as your label promises of for wrong products. Basically, most of the customers will be calling to express their frustrations with your business products and services. It is, therefore, vital that you only have agents who are capable of handling such kinds of pressure and stay as respectful to your clients as possible.

4. Problem-solving

All contact center agents are always directed and advised to stay on script as much as possible. But there are some situations where a customer may have a problem that wasn’t covered in any of your training sessions. In such cases, it’s vital that you have an agent who can think independently and find a suitable solution to the customer’s problem. And a good agent will also know when it’s time to seek for his/her manager’s assistance.

5. Confidence

Not all people get this trait naturally. Some people have to learn it. In this line of work, it may not be as necessary. But still, it may come to be quite handy in some situations. It’s better to hire agents who have can-do attitudes for almost anything thrown at them.

6. Good memory

This is also another vital skill that all good contact center agents should have. The ability to recall important information quickly and use it to solve a problem. Or provide a solution to a grieving customer.

7. Self-motivation

Providing your new contact center agents with proper training can also help to boost their overall confidence and pride in their work. Try to hire the agents who you believe to have this sense of self-determination to want to work. Someone who is open to correction, and is always pushing him/herself to better his/her position.

8. Reliability

A great contact center agent should also be reliable whenever you need him/her. Only hire the agents who you know will show up to work on time every day, and never disappoint with any task appointed to them.

There are many more traits that you may also want to look into to spot a great contact center agent. These are, however, some of the most vital ones.

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