Over the years, the courier industry has gained a lot of popularity and become one of the busiest and most successful in the world. And with anything successful and profitable nowadays, comes myths and misconceptions to stain the courier Toronto industry.

And that’s exactly what this article wants to talk about today. Many people don’t yet fully understand what couriers do. And from that fear of the unknown, they never really use this service fearing that they may not be able to afford using it. Only that you and your business an end up racking in astounding profits by using courier services if your business deals with other business abroad. You only need to know what this service is about and steer clear of any information that may mislead or misguide you.

This article will set straight some of the common courier myths being spread about the service today.

1. A box is just that, a box

Well, not exactly. Every business has its purpose, and the purpose of a courier service is shipping your important documents and items in a more reliable manner. Most profitable businesses prefer courier services over the ordinary mail services simply because they are faster, more secure, have better tracking ability, plus its express and individualized services. Using a good courier service ensures that your delivery is more than just another envelope or box at the customer’s doorstep.

2. All service providers are equal

Not true. In fact, courier companies are quite unique from other service providers. In that, they offer a full selection of their services. And that means that they can adjust their services to fit their customer’s preferences and expectations. So, whether you are looking to ship a few important documents or large amounts of supplies for same day delivery, you will be sorted out. A courier company complies with the business’s requests and strives to meet every demand and preferences of its clients.

3. Delivering a package by yourself will save you money

In fact, you find most businesses run significant losses by choosing to deliver their own packages. These businesses will end up wasting a lot of precious time in the delivery process plus that of their employees when they could be focusing on more pressing tasks to improve the business. Imagine spending the whole day driving, stuck in traffic, and the cost of transportation. Why not just let a professional courier do that job for you? Professionals who know the best routes and know how they make profits out of their services.

4. Courier services don’t understand your business’s needs or industry

Again, not true. And as mentioned earlier, you will find that different courier service is also specialized in the shipment of different items for different industries. And that makes them experts in the services they provide. So, if you want to have your goods delivered on time and safe, you simply need to look for the best courier service for your items and within your industry.

5. You don’t necessarily need to hire a courier company if you have your own drivers

This is a misguided mindset. Especially if you are looking to be more cost- and time-efficient with your business. Courier services exist only to increase your shipment efficiency and make your job a lot easier. Choosing to run your own fleet basically means that you are taking up all the responsibilities of catering for costs like fuel, insurance for both the vehicles and drivers and even the costs of the equipment. All these extra worries can even make you feel as if you are running a second business on the side. You may and probably will not fully operate your main business.

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