No industry lacks the misleading myths and misconceptions, and courier services industry is not an exception. For such a thriving an upcoming sector, it is important to convey the right information to allow it to bloom. Here are some of the top misconceptions that require debunking.

1. Personal delivery costs less

Although every situation is different, a lot of business owners out here lose money over time by sending their diligent employees to handle deliveries. For a business whose core function is not to send or drop off packages, getting stuck in traffic for an hour while dealing with delivery is surely a waste of resources. You can wind up your to-do list instead of racing around the city dropping and collecting parcels. Thus, do not risk wasting your company’s valued time and resources yet you can hire a courier service company.

2. Courier services are too slow

Some people are of the impression that courier services are slow; thus they prefer handling the tasks or asking their assistants to do them. If you are managing or running a business, you know how overwhelming it can get when you handle everything on your own. Remember that a good manager’s task is to ensure that everything is done as and when required. Therefore, doing everything on your own is not an efficient way of managing a business. Delegating tasks that are not the firm’s core business will prove profitable in the long run. Reputable courier providers choose their drivers carefully. Thus you are assured of professional service delivery.

3. There is no need of using a courier service for a one-time delivery

Usually, most one-time deliveries are last minute. Unless the delivery is just down the street, then it is better to hire a professional delivery service. If you decide to do the delivery then an unexpected occurrence takes place, you will be late. On the other hand, a professional courier service provider is bound to be faster as they know the best routes they can use to arrive in time. You can also state the urgency of the delivery so that the provider can ensure it gets where you want and when you want. Visit Flagship Courier Solutions and learn more from their online resources.

4. Delivering the package or sending my assistant portrays more professionalism

The fact is that everybody is busy. Your associate or client to whom you want to give the package probably does not have much of chit chat to make. When you or your assistant takes the parcel, they might feel obliged to engage you in a conversation, in a bid to please you. Although the discussion might be meaningful, it may consume some working time. It is better to ask them out for business lunch or coffee for the chit chat. Have a courier provider deliver the package and ask them to be professional. It will save you a lot of time. Small business shipping is made much easier by courier services.

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