Wireless laser printers within the office environment are often considered infinitely more useful than they are not. That being said, most printers offer a slew of challenges that most office workers are not experienced enough to fix on their own. These issues tend to cause more problems in the office than anything else. With lines developing for its use, paper jams slowing down work production, and calls to tech support tying up phone lines when you could be speaking to a client.

Fixing your wireless laser printer doesn’t need to be a headache, though. The following are a few common printer problems and how you can solve them on your own.

Printer Won’t Print

One of the most common problems a printer experiences is being unable to print that important document you require immediately. With a wireless printer, check to make sure you are connected via Wi-Fi and to the right network in the office. The printer driver and software will need to be installed on any computer that you regularly print from, so double-check to make sure that is correct, too. There is a chance that the driver has become corrupted, which means a reinstall will be required.

Running Out Of Ink

Believe it or not, this is a common problem that many offices face. The wireless laser printer claims it is running out of ink, but you can still print documents with ease. You won’t need to rush and replace the ink cartridges immediately, but you should check the ink tank level indicators within the costly machine to be sure. The accuracy of a ‘running out of ink’ warning tends to vary depending on model and manufacturer. You may only receive the low-ink warning when you are critically low, or you could receive it when you need to keep an eye on it within the next few days.

Mobile Device Troubles

If your printer is completely wireless and connected via Wi-Fi to the office network, you should be able to use a mobile device – such as a smartphone or tablet – to print any office documents and paperwork you need. Most modern Wi-Fi printers support AirPrint, which allows iOS devices to connect with ease. Most major printer manufacturers have also released their own standalone apps for iOS and Android. Download one of these apps to ensure you can connect to the printer.

Printing Time Takes Too Long

In order to reduce print time and throughput on your wireless laser printer, place the machine as close to the router as possible. This ensures the printer can receive a dedicated, stable connection from your internet. Alternatively, you may choose to add a wireless extender or repeater to increase printer performance while connected to the internet. Visit West X Business Solutions to learn more.

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