Four Ways You Could Send Your Package

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The need to get hold of some shipping companies is going to come around whether you are an occasional gift giver or someone who makes a living selling goods that need to be shipped. Here are four of your choices:

1. Canada Post Office

The Canadian post office can provide you with some courier services if you would like to use them to ship your package. The post office has a variety of services that include preparing your shipment online and then sending it to where it needs to go. The benefits of using the post office are that you can receive a hefty amount of insurance coverage for your items, and you get reliable tracking.

2. Private Delivery Services

Private delivery services are usually very small businesses that consist of five or fewer employees. You may see their postings in the free classified ads or somewhere around town. These are good options if your budget and the pricing are what matters most to you. The positive side is that you can probably receive a significant price drop if you use a company like this. The downside is that you may not have as much protection for yourself or your goods if you go this route. It could still work out well, however. Once you build trust with the driver, you could use them for shipping in Canada more frequently.

3. Corporate Logistics Company

Corporate logistic companies are usually a good way to go because they have a lot of experience, positive feedback and certain guarantees on their work. You may even be able to receive a discount from such a company if you are someone who ships things frequently. These companies often offer discounts and specials for their valued customers. Additionally, they usually make shipping extremely convenient for their customers. For example, they will come to your residence and get the item so that you can ship it without even walking out of your front door. You may want to look into shipping your items with a company like this in the near future. The 3PL Links website may be able to provide you with more information.

4. Delivery Service App

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and that includes delivery services. You may want to download an application that can connect you with contractors who make deliveries for people in their spare time. Such people do have to go through verification processes to be able to drive the deliveries, so you can have a certain level of reassurance if you decide to use that method to send your items.

Those are just some ideas for shipping. What you need to do is choose the option that benefits you the most and is the easiest for you to do. You’ll find the right method if you take your time and research the features of each one.

Five Ways Calibration Will Save Your Company

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It is important for devices used to measure physical quantities to be accurate. From the medical field, automotive industry, science laboratory, agriculture, weather forecasting to industrial production, obtaining accurate measurements is paramount. The measurement devices require verification, by use of calibration, to ensure one makes correct and consistent decisions. Here are the benefits of contracting a calibration service provider.

1. Instrument calibration ensures the safety of processes

When laboratory technicians measure parameters such as electric current or forces, it is important that the quantities under measurements are accurate to maintain product safety. If they are not accurate, it could pose a safety hazard. For instance, if a component of a vehicle fails at a particular force, but the instrument used to measure force was not calibrated to ensure accuracy, the failure analysis is not performed as required. In the end, the manufactured vehicle might fail, thanks to the faulty measuring device.

2. Calibration maintains certification

For a laboratory to obtain official accreditation by the relevant body, they must undergo extensive inspection. During the operation of the lab, the certifying body is likely to visit the technicians once in a while. During both the initial accreditation processes and the in-process visits, the inspectors need a proof of the proper functioning of the measurement instruments. For one to retain the certification, the inspector must verify that the laboratory calibrates their instruments often using a certified calibration service provider.

3. Calibration ensures traceability

The mark of high-quality instrumentation is the ability to relate a measurement to others that were made at a different place, time and by a different technician using a different instrument. Calibration ensures that regardless of the parameters, various measuring devices produce similar results. For any manufacturer, this is an important factor since it shows that they are at par with the internationally set standards.

4. Calibration helps in reducing the costs of manufacturing errors

In a production process, defects resulting from an error in the manufacturing procedure are very costly. Minor errors in measurements such as weight and temperature can have adverse effects. For instance, if you record the wrong temperature of a molded plastic, the product will not set correctly. As such, the process might require halting, restarting and have the parts remade. The result is the loss of both time and resources, or in some cases, giving your clients defective products. It is important to calibrate your instruments to reduce the chances of manufacturing defects. More resources are available at Calibration Service if you would like to learn more.

5. Calibration ensures reproducibility

The mark of any brand is its quality. If you produce a product with precise specifications, it is important to make sure that the product is consistent. Consistency will have your clients buying more of your products, and it creates a good name for your company. To ensure reproducibility, one ought to utilize high-quality instrumentation at all times.

Debunking Four Courier Service Delivery Myths

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No industry lacks the misleading myths and misconceptions, and courier services industry is not an exception. For such a thriving an upcoming sector, it is important to convey the right information to allow it to bloom. Here are some of the top misconceptions that require debunking.

1. Personal delivery costs less

Although every situation is different, a lot of business owners out here lose money over time by sending their diligent employees to handle deliveries. For a business whose core function is not to send or drop off packages, getting stuck in traffic for an hour while dealing with delivery is surely a waste of resources. You can wind up your to-do list instead of racing around the city dropping and collecting parcels. Thus, do not risk wasting your company’s valued time and resources yet you can hire a courier service company.

2. Courier services are too slow

Some people are of the impression that courier services are slow; thus they prefer handling the tasks or asking their assistants to do them. If you are managing or running a business, you know how overwhelming it can get when you handle everything on your own. Remember that a good manager’s task is to ensure that everything is done as and when required. Therefore, doing everything on your own is not an efficient way of managing a business. Delegating tasks that are not the firm’s core business will prove profitable in the long run. Reputable courier providers choose their drivers carefully. Thus you are assured of professional service delivery.

3. There is no need of using a courier service for a one-time delivery

Usually, most one-time deliveries are last minute. Unless the delivery is just down the street, then it is better to hire a professional delivery service. If you decide to do the delivery then an unexpected occurrence takes place, you will be late. On the other hand, a professional courier service provider is bound to be faster as they know the best routes they can use to arrive in time. You can also state the urgency of the delivery so that the provider can ensure it gets where you want and when you want. Visit Flagship Courier Solutions and learn more from their online resources.

4. Delivering the package or sending my assistant portrays more professionalism

The fact is that everybody is busy. Your associate or client to whom you want to give the package probably does not have much of chit chat to make. When you or your assistant takes the parcel, they might feel obliged to engage you in a conversation, in a bid to please you. Although the discussion might be meaningful, it may consume some working time. It is better to ask them out for business lunch or coffee for the chit chat. Have a courier provider deliver the package and ask them to be professional. It will save you a lot of time. Small business shipping is made much easier by courier services.

3 Ways Logistics Companies Can Help Your Business

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When you think about hiring logistics companies to help you with your business operations, you may understandably think about how effective logistics can be used to save the company time, money and effort. However, before you choose which company to hire to help your business improve its operations, you may consider more specifically how each service provider may assist you in different ways. After all, different companies have strengths and weaknesses that may impact your overall results. With a closer look at the specific ways logistics companies can help your business, you may be able to make a better decision about which logistics team to hire.

Improving Inbound Logistics
One of the top ways that logistics companies can assist you with your operations is through inbound logistics. This is often one of the services that few business owners and managers think about, but it is nonetheless vital to your business operations. It requires considerable logistical planning to keep your facility outfitted with all of the supplies and resources it needs to operate on a daily basis. Any lag in this area may result in operational downtime that can be costly and detrimental to your business. Through improved logistics, you can ensure that you have exactly the supplies and materials needed on a daily basis.

Focusing on Transportation
Transportation is needed for both inbound and outbound logistics, and this is one area that most logistics service providers focus heavily on. While you need transportation to get your supplies to your facility, you also need transportation to ship your finished goods out of your facility. Transportation can impact everything from efficiency to operational costs, so it is vital that this aspect of logistics be improved as much as possible. You may think that this aspect of your business cannot be improved, but a savvy logistics team may identify numerous areas that need improvement.

Enhancing the Customer Experience
A final and important point to consider when choosing logistics companies is the customer experience. Your customers expect to have access to a steady supply of products from your facility, and they also expect the products to arrive in excellent condition. Lags in logistics can have a negative impact on the customer experience, so improving logistical planning efforts can result in increased customer satisfaction.

Each of the logistical companies that you are thinking about hiring may offer different types of services as well as different qualities of services. Consider the areas that your business needs to improve on most as a first step in deciding which logistics service provider to hire. Then, interview each company to learn more about the beneficial ways they may improve your company. Through this effort, you may be able to maximize the benefits that logistics companies can provide to your business. Please visit the 3PL Links blog for more information.

Learning About the Different Types of DNS Attacks

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Domain Name Server, typically referred to as just DNS, is a type of protocol that translates the domain name of a website into an IP address. Sometimes the DNS is referred to as the phone book of the internet and is considered its foundation. For people who know anything about protocols, DNS seems pretty simple. Due to how popular DNS is, it only stands to reason that people who wish to cause harm would choose DNS as a starting point. Below are examples of different types of DNS attacks for which companies and internet users need to be aware.

DNS Attacks

DNS attacks are all too common. To better understand them, you have to understand that they can be divided into a few different categories, all of which require a different type of DNS protection:

Reflection Attacks – This is a DNS attack that targets third-party victims, including those who don’t even run a DNS server. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common types of attacks on the internet. One reason is because it’s hard for officials to identify the attacker.

Server Attacks – These types of DNS attacks are aimed at the servers themselves. They can cause all kinds of problems, but the most common is a “denial-of-service” attack. When this happens, it prevents others from visiting a certain website. This is the same type of attack that’s used to obtain all of the data a company stores on its DNS server. By studying the data obtained from the DNS server, attackers can learn the network infrastructure of a company and use that information to launch more attacks in the future. In some cases, this type of attack is used to simply gain complete control over the DNS server. It’s typically launched on internet service providers who host a large number of public DNS servers.

Spoofing Attacks – The goal of this type of attack is to change a valid DNS response into a malicious response. People typically use this to redirect internet users to a malicious site instead of the legitimate site they intended to go to. Due to this, these types of attacks are used a lot in phishing scams where people are trying to find ways to gather financial or personal data. Once a DNS server is tricked into sending people to the wrong site, it’s very hard to detect this kind of attack because the person who is visiting the site is doing everything right.

All of the attacks talked about above are in wide use today. This makes DNS attacks one of the biggest threats on the internet and makes DNS protection a top priority for anyone who surfs the web.

How HVAC Companies Are Using Mobile Workflow Forms to Improve Business

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Like companies in many services industries, HVAC companies have generally relied on work orders to assign, manage and finalize jobs. A recent trend, however, is to eliminate paper work orders and replace them with mobile workflow forms. These HVAC forms allow service providers to be more agile, efficient and productive and therefore increase their profits and even reduce customer costs.

Replacing Paper Work Orders with Mobile Electronic Forms

HVAC forms are electronic objects that can be distributed across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, workstations and even proprietary equipment. Forms can originate at a number of different points, including orders place online through a website and orders placed via a service representative over the phone. This process greatly improves the accuracy of data and the speed at which it is distributed, and it also makes it easy to associate additional data with any order. A technician can simply pull up the appropriate credentials, for instance, when a client requests them.

Assign Orders as Needed and in Real-Time

Traditionally, HVAC companies would assign work orders to technicians in the morning and at various intervals throughout the day, which did not allow for much agility. With electronic workflow, HVAC forms can be assigned on the fly based on a wide range of criteria. Work can be assigned to the individuals or even groups based on their location or current workload, and that can make it much easier to coordinate jobs that require multiple individuals operating on different schedules.

Collaboration and Synchronization for Offline Workflow

Although these HVAC forms are mobile, they don’t necessarily require a constant connection. A technician in an area without service can continue to work on a form and then synchronize it with the server when reconnection is established. This would also be the opportunity to give him or her new work orders, make changes to existing orders and so forth. The ability to collaborate on orders means that a technician could reassign an order to a specialist who must perform an inspection or another task before the first technician could perform his or her work.

Monitor Activity and Settle Jobs

Mobile electronic workflow means that managers can monitor that workflow throughout the day. A paper work order is static, but HVAC forms are updated throughout the day with new information. Managers can not only monitor jobs but communicate with clients as needed and close orders as soon as work is finalized. Additionally, such systems can allow for attaching other digital objects to a form, such as customer signatures and photos from the jobsite, which may be necessary later. For more info, visit the resources at Pronto Forms.

Common Wireless Laser Printer Problems Solved

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Wireless laser printers within the office environment are often considered infinitely more useful than they are not. That being said, most printers offer a slew of challenges that most office workers are not experienced enough to fix on their own. These issues tend to cause more problems in the office than anything else. With lines developing for its use, paper jams slowing down work production, and calls to tech support tying up phone lines when you could be speaking to a client.

Fixing your wireless laser printer doesn’t need to be a headache, though. The following are a few common printer problems and how you can solve them on your own.

Printer Won’t Print

One of the most common problems a printer experiences is being unable to print that important document you require immediately. With a wireless printer, check to make sure you are connected via Wi-Fi and to the right network in the office. The printer driver and software will need to be installed on any computer that you regularly print from, so double-check to make sure that is correct, too. There is a chance that the driver has become corrupted, which means a reinstall will be required.

Running Out Of Ink

Believe it or not, this is a common problem that many offices face. The wireless laser printer claims it is running out of ink, but you can still print documents with ease. You won’t need to rush and replace the ink cartridges immediately, but you should check the ink tank level indicators within the costly machine to be sure. The accuracy of a ‘running out of ink’ warning tends to vary depending on model and manufacturer. You may only receive the low-ink warning when you are critically low, or you could receive it when you need to keep an eye on it within the next few days.

Mobile Device Troubles

If your printer is completely wireless and connected via Wi-Fi to the office network, you should be able to use a mobile device – such as a smartphone or tablet – to print any office documents and paperwork you need. Most modern Wi-Fi printers support AirPrint, which allows iOS devices to connect with ease. Most major printer manufacturers have also released their own standalone apps for iOS and Android. Download one of these apps to ensure you can connect to the printer.

Printing Time Takes Too Long

In order to reduce print time and throughput on your wireless laser printer, place the machine as close to the router as possible. This ensures the printer can receive a dedicated, stable connection from your internet. Alternatively, you may choose to add a wireless extender or repeater to increase printer performance while connected to the internet. Visit West X Business Solutions to learn more.

What Type of Shoes Are for Metal Roof Fabrication?

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People who fix metal roofing should ensure that they have proper footwear to prevent the risk of falls, slips, and injuries. You can find affordable footwear specifically designed for walking on metal roofing in various home improvement stores or from sheet metal fabrication dealers.

The Hazard
It is easy to slip and fall if you are walking on metal roofing with shoes that are not designed for metal surfaces. One slip from a steep roof can result in a bad fall to the ground. Although a wooden crossbeam attached to the roof and a properly tied safety rope may help, footwear with adequate grip should be considered for extra safety. There are three basic types of footwear for metal roofing.

Work Boot – Mounted Sandals
Manufacturers of safety footwear products offer tie on sandals that can be attached to your work boots or steel-toed shoes. Sidewall, webbing, and strapping options vary with each sandal. The type of mounted sandals you use is determined by the pitch of the roof you are going to work on. Buckles, sturdy straps, and D-strings are recommended for higher pitched roofs.

Special Spikes
For more grip on wet surfaces, add threaded spikes on the work boot-mounted sandals. Soft aluminum threaded spikes are the best for metal roofing surfaces because they prevent roof perforation. In addition, the spikes are removable, which means that you can use different types of spikes depending on the metal roofing that you are working on. Some safety footwear feature firm, non removable soft aluminum spikes .These are ideal for people who work on metal roof surfaces only.

Gripper Soles
Gripper soles are an alternative safety shoe for metal roof surfaces. They are made of foam rubber pads designed to attach to strap on sandals or directly attached to safety shoes and boots. Gripper soles can be worn and interchanged when necessary. They allow owners to save by replacing safety soles instead of buying new safety boots. This type of footwear is available in any store that sells industrial safety equipment and clothing.

When working on a metal roof, it is important to prioritize your safety because metal roofing can be quite slippery compared to other types of roofing. One of the most important safety measures involves wearing the right type of shoes with adequate grip. Safety boots for metal roofing can be found in various sheet metal roofing stores or online. If you would like to learn more, visit Heather & Little Limited.

Shipping Tips for a Small Business

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Running a small business isn’t easy, and saving money is important, especially when it comes to shipping your products. Unlike large businesses, small businesses don’t send out hundreds of packages every day. Figuring out a cost-effective way to ship products is a challenge, so below are a few tips for small business shipping that can save you money and make the entire process slightly easier. The less time you spend worrying about transporting goods, the more time you have to focus on your business.

Pick-Up and Delivery Services

Just because you don’t ship a lot doesn’t mean you have time to run to the post office every time you need to mail a few packages. This is both time-consuming and costly. Thankfully, most courier services offer pick-up and delivery services free of charge because they’re often in your area delivering packages anyway. Offering you free deliveries guarantees that you will use their services. The only drawback here is that your shipment schedule will be at the mercy of the carrier’s schedule.

Multiple Shipping Carriers

Customers like options. As a small business owner, it’s your job to give that to them. Even though you negotiate a lower-cost deal with one carrier, you don’t have to use that carrier exclusively. Studies show that small businesses can increase customer satisfaction by offering several shipment options. On the plus side, this may create a bit of competition for your business between the carriers.

Reuse Shipping Boxes, Not Labels

It’s fine to reuse old shipment boxes. However, it’s not a good idea to reuse the boxes with their previous shipment labels still attached because the old labels contain information about previous addresses. While it doesn’t happen all the time, carriers warn that boxes have been shipped to the wrong addresses before because their scanners read the wrong labels. Save yourself and your customers a headache, and cover up or remove those labels before reusing your boxes.

Shipment Software

Several services help you not only keep up with shipments made but also printing labels. It’s true that you’re likely to pay for these services, but it will be worth the time and trouble in the end. By logging into your account, you can print batches of labels and even check the status of those shipments easily.

While it’s true that the more you ship, the more leverage you have when it comes to negotiating your shipping rates, it doesn’t mean that you have no power. Using the tips above, you can use courier services to save time and money so that you can put more effort into making your business the best it can be. The Flagship Courier Solutions website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

Roadtrip Guide to the Grand Pacific Drive

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An unforgettable journey in which you choose the adventures is lying ahead on the Grand Pacific Drive. Pack a picnic, visit a car rental in Sydney, and head south toward Royal National Park where you will cross the Pacific on the Sea Cliff Bridge.

From adventure to relaxation, the choices are limitless. There is an abundance of photo ops, walking trails, beaches, and rainforests.

Royal National Park

Approximately an hour south of Sydney’s CBD you will enter the world’s oldest named national park. With 15,000 hectares of walking and cycling trails, beaches, and picnic areas, there is something for everyone. You can go whale watching, visit landmarks such as Eagle Rock, walk the 30K Coastal Walk, or relax at the lagoon in Watamolla.


About 45 minutes south, you’ll enter a perfect combination of beach and big city life. You will see Mt. Kiera and Mt. Kembla providing breathtaking background views. On the ‘Blue Mile’ you can enjoy restaurants, art, and a new shopping center. There are 17 beaches, botanic gardens, and amazing villages surrounding Wollongong.


The Grand Pacific Drive takes you across Lake Illawarra into Shellharbour 30 minutes south. You can visit an aviation museum at Illawarra Regional Airport, one of many sporting venues, or spend some time on one of the beautiful golf courses. Shellharbour is quickly growing and is always adding new dining and shopping experiences.


Just 15 minutes further south, you’ll encounter scenic Kiawa. Visit The Blowhole and see why the first settlers named it “the place where the sea makes a noise”. Kiama is lined with coastal walkways and historic buildings. Visit the Minnamurra Rainforest and observe the many waterfalls and streams, or climb Saddleback Mountain for an uninterrupted view of the district and coastline.


The popular holiday destination of Shoalhaven is approximately 45 minutes south of Kiama. It’s known for its abundance of lodging styles from camping to luxurious hotels. Here you can go fishing, relax on the many beaches, or visit a winery.

Southern Highlands

Rounding up your Grand Pacific Drive adventure is Southern Highlands. Located a little over an hour south of Shoalhaven, it provides amazing views of spectacular homes and gardens. You can visit Fitzroy Falls, go ziplining at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, or explore the Wombeyan Caves. The adjoining village of Bowral is known for its boutiques, gourmet restaurants, gardens, and galleries.


Selecting an Appropriate Leak Detection Method

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Businesses that package products that are then prone to either liquid or gas leaks use leak detection equipment as an aspect of their quality control. There’s a range of commercial leak detection methods available, and fitness to a particular packaged product depends on a number of factors. Choosing the appropriate technique requires answering the following five questions:

What Type or Types of Packages Will You Test?

The most obvious of the five question deals with the specific requirements of your particular packaging. Each kind of packaging, such as vacuum packaging, has a testing method that’s best suited to it. While often an easy question to answer, it can lead to some concerns that are more difficult to work out, such as when you employ hybrid packaging or require one solution for multiple package types.

Is a Destructive Leak Test Suitable?

Leak detection equipment and the methods they employ can be either destructive, which means that the test subject is destroyed in the process, or non-destructive, which means that the product can then be put through another quality control test or even sent to a seller or consumer. Whether you choose destructive or non-destructive will usually depend on the size of the sample that you require.

Do You Require Inline or Sample-Based Testing?

Sample-based testing is when you pull one or more packaged products from a batch and test them. This approach is usually best when your required sample size is relatively small. Inline testing is when the leak detection equipment is built into the manufacturing process and usually automated. This approach is ideal when you need to test all products package or at least a very high percentage of them.

How Much Gas Does Each Package Contain?

If your packages don’t contain gas, then you can skip this question. If they do contain gas, then you must determine the pressure per package. Most leak detection equipment for gas will require a certain level of pressure, and you’ll have to make a choice based on that amount as well as the package type.

What Leak Size Must Be Identified and What Is the Detection Limit?

This is actually two questions in one, but these questions are tightly coupled, and through the process of answering one, you’ll likely answer the other. These questions center on your confidence limit and determining if all leaks must be identified or if there’s a particular risk threshold. Bubble testing, for instance, is relatively inexpensive but not suitable to detecting microleaks. Using test gases, on the other hand, is more expensive but quite effective at isolating those microleaks. You might be interested in visiting FlexPak for more information.

What To Look For In A Debt Collection Lawyer

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When you cannot collect a debt on your own, it may be time to find a good debt collection lawyer. People will often respond to an attorney much more quickly than to an ordinary citizen. Commercial litigation, however, can be a complicated process. It’s therefore important that you choose the right lawyer for your needs.

When to Hire a Debt Collection Lawyer

It’s always simpler to handle issues such as outstanding debts yourself. At the same time, there’s only so much you can do. If the person or company who owes you money is not responding to your phone calls, letters or emails, it’s time to seek the help of a professional. Only you can decide if it’s worth the time and expense of hiring an attorney. The fact is, though, that a professional can often get results that you could not achieve on your own.

Finding the Right Lawyer

A commercial litigation lawyer is someone who specialises in collecting unpaid debts. He or she can contact the debtor in an official capacity and help you get what you are owed. When seeking such a lawyer, you should check the person’s credentials. Find out how much experience the lawyer or firm has and if they’ve worked on cases similar to yours.

You also have to consider the fee. Some debt collection lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Many such lawyers operate on a contingency basis, meaning that they only collect a fee if they are successful at recovering your debt. In this case, the lawyer would take a percentage of the amount collected.

One way to locate a debt collection lawyer is to consult a professional association that lists lawyers who operate in your area. When comparing lawyers, you should find one with whom you’re comfortable talking and who answers your questions. You might also look at client testimonials or reviews that are published on the lawyer’s website or on review sites.

While you want a lawyer who is confident, you should be wary of anyone who guarantees results. No reputable lawyer can promise a successful outcome. An experienced lawyer can, however, tell you about his or her success rate on similar cases.

A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Your Debt

Finding the right commercial litigation lawyer is often the most effective way to recover an outstanding debt. After exhausting all attempts to recover hte debt on your own, you should begin by visiting This allows you to place the matter in the hands of an expert so you can get on with your life.

Why It Is Important For A Security Guard To Report Any Incidents ASAP

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Security guards are hired with the goal of preventing people from getting hurt or even worse outside of an office building, public event or private residence. However, it is still possible for an altercation to occur or for someone to attempt to cause harm. Whenever something happens that is unusual or leads to an altercation, it is critical that an incident management system includes immediate reporting.

Why Should All Incidents Be Reported Immediately?

Reporting an incident immediately allows it to be entered into a database that can be used to refine or improve guard practices or training programs. Over time, security guard management companies can use this information to modify what guards learn during training or what they should look out for in a given area. Ideally, this will keep them one step ahead of those who wish to cause harm to individuals or groups of people.

Incident Reporting Should Be Made Easy

Reporting an incident should be easy for security guards so that they will get into the habit of making thorough, timely and accurate reports. Incident reporting software can prompt an individual for pertinent details that should go into the report to make it worthwhile for law enforcement or others who may need it. When done correctly, those who have committed a crime or planned to do so can be brought to justice. It may also make it easier to stop those who are acting suspicious from having the chance to commit a crime against the community.

Reporting Everything Makes it Easier to Connect the Dots

When taken on its own, a case may seem irrelevant or involve only a minor offense. However, when taken in the context of several cases in a given area, it may suddenly become part of a larger plot that security guards should be concerned about. For instance, protocol for lost children may involve trying to contact their parents and releasing the children back into their custody.

In some cases, it could be a ploy for a criminal to pose as a parent to abduct a child. That adult could also be using a child as an excuse to survey how security responds or as a method of getting into a central security office. Unless every incident is documented as it happens, it may not be possible to use those small details to stop what may be a more widespread problem.

Security guards should be encouraged to report everything that they see. Doing so makes it easier to keep people safe whether they are going home from work or trying to get into a public festival. While not all crime can be prevented, it is still worthwhile to do what it takes to stop as many crimes from occurring as possible.

Why Museums Are Great Places For Scavenger Hunts

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You might think of a scavenger hunt as child’s play, but this traditional game makes an ideal team building exercise. A hunt turns team building from a dreaded office exercise into one of your company’s special events. But it offers much more than a party atmosphere. It’s an entertaining and interactive way to encourage teamwork, learning and spur out of the box thinking.

Team Building Goals
When you make learning fun, it becomes easier to learn. Team building exercises provide an opportunity to:
– improve teamwork,
– improve workplace happiness,
– forge more meaningful relationships between co-workers,
– improve productivity.
These broad goals translate to more specific tools and strategies that evolve a better workplace when conducting a scavenger hunt.

What Scavenger Hunts Offer
A hunt requires the team to use good communication techniques, critical thinking skills and analysis to solve clues and locate each item. Since it uses a time limit it also tests group time management. As employees locate each item, they experience improved confidence. The entire experience promotes positivity and positive thinking by giving co-workers an enjoyable, stress-free mutual goal. A museum provides an ideal location since it provides an all-weather, diverse environment.

Museum Ideas
Think out of the box regarding museums. A silent gallery filled with the Great Masters might come to mind, but you can tailor the type of museum to your needs. Your museum choices include:
– art,
– natural history,
– science and industry,
– specialty.
A specialty museum focuses on a sole topic, such as baseball, military, or automobiles. A manufacturing firm might choose to host its special event in a museum of science and industry. The museum provides a learning environment for employees who experience the history of manufacturing. It provides inspiration by showing how each innovator developed his or her contribution, including the challenges faced. If there’s no science and industry or specialty museum near you that fits your industry, you can create a themed hunt using an art or natural history museum focusing on a particular artist, period, era or epoch.

A museum scavenger hunt provides one of the most ideal corporate team building activities by providing an opportunity for employees to jointly improve communications, inter-office relations, advanced skills like critical thinking, and build confidence in themselves and one another in a positive, fun learning environment. A museum offers unique, industry specific exhibits that enhance knowledge while providing inspiration.

Gymtrack’s Road To Success Story

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Small business grants in Ontario are an important driver of economic growth. With government grants for small businesses, the province is able to ensure that local entrepreneurs have a chance to grow. The increase in commerce provides an expanded tax base. The province in general becomes stronger when small businesses have government grants as a source of support. Several effective, successful businesses have benefited from these programs.

Gymtrack is one example. An innovative virtual coaching platform for fitness clubs. By combining high technology with the nitty gritty business of physical activity, that company has harnessed the best of two worlds that often seem far apart. With the company’s novel approach, more connections are possible between all the parties involved in the workout.

So, for example, the fitness equipment communicates information to the client in a more effective way. The client wears a device that communicates with a sensor on the workout equipment. There is also an app. This access to accurate, reliable advice allows the client to get the most out of the workout. Everyone wins with this product. The client maximizes the benefits of the gym membership. Efficiency wins in terms of both money and time spent working out.

Founded in Ottawa, Gymtrack was funded with a initial grant of $30,000 which has led to great things for the company. Many other people in the wider community have benefited, too. For example, over 30 full-time jobs were created, and 50 more are projected to be created in the near future.

Government grants for small businesses are available for several reasons. Small business grants Ontario are available for training, research and development, capital investment, or business expansion and funding. Additionally, there are programs for groups who have traditionally been underserved by the banking system. For example, microloans are available to women in Ontario who are starting a small business.

Overall, these grants provided to small business owners ensure that the province has an entrepreneurial, well-trained, and well-equipped workforce. Other general information about business grants in Canada is available through the Service Canada site.

Small business grants in Ontario are an important factor in the economic growth of the province. By giving entrepreneurs access to funding, the province ensures prosperity for the future. It allows the area to compete more effectively with larger boomtowns, for example, the Bay Area in the US. Companies like Gymtrack will hopefully continue to disrupt the market in innovative ways for years to come.

Exchanging Cooling Fans for Cabinet Coolers

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Whenever an electronic unit situated within a control panel stops functioning because of an overheating problem, it’s often a challenge to pinpoint exactly which element is causing the trouble. There could be an irregular heating pattern in a VFD (variable frequency drive) that doesn’t show up during diagnostic tests, or the overheating issue might only arise while operating at full efficiency on extremely hot days. Thankfully, regardless of the primary cause, cabinet cooler systems — also known as vortex coolers or hazardous area cabinet coolers — can regulate temperatures inside the box at a pre-programmed level, which prevents overheating and inactivity due to maintenance.

Designing a Cabinet Cooling System

To determine heat loads, cabinet cooler designers look at the elements within a common control panel. They interview users about units like VFDs (which can cause erratic temperatures) and fans (which work to eliminate heat, but often blow unwanted dirt and dust particles into the spaces they’re intended to cool).

Fans are of particular importance, since installing a cabinet cooler will require the removal of all exterior wall fans, and their empty spaces will have to be sealed (although interior fans can remain where they are at). This means that cabinet cooler builders must factor in any extra heat created by the removal of the fans, no matter how minimal it might seem to be.

Calculating Temperatures

To accurately figure out just how much heat a fan removes from an enclosure, designers must first take into account the diameter of the fan, which tells them the standard air flow volume in CFM, or cubic feet per minute. With 1 BTU (British thermal unit) per hour being the necessary amount of heat for elevating the temperature of a pound of water by a single degree on the Fahrenheit scale, it’s also the level of heat required to raise or lower the temp of a cubic foot of air by 1°F per minute. Consequently, for each CFM the fan moves, they’ll need to lessen the air temperature by a degree. In other words, they’ll remove 1 BTU per hour for each °F multiplied by each CFM the fan moves at.

Sealing the Fan Holes

To seal the empty fan holes properly, they must be patched with sheet metal using mechanical fasteners, caulking, duct tape, or another specialized sealing method. Whatever the preferred solution, these gaps must be well-covered and sealed to ensure temperature stability.

The Need for a Professional Touch

While the process of swapping out standard fans for vortex coolers can save businesses a lot of time and money, it is also a complex process and certainly not a do-it-yourself job. It requires the help of professional application engineers to carefully make all of these involved measurements, and then to install the most ideal vortex coolers for each particular area based on the numbers.

Corrugated boxes

The Flexibility Of Corrugated Boxes

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When a person is storing something, mailing items or moving, it is important that it be packaged correctly. Corrugated packing has many advantages and is an excellent choice. Packaging companies have many different sizes and styles available so it is possible to find one or several that will work perfectly.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated boxboard was introduced to the world in 1890. It is constructed in various weights, sizes, surface coating, and surface treatments. It consists of a special paper called containerboard and has two components. These are a linerboard and medium. Medium is paper formed with flutes glued between linerboard facings.

Flutes are the spaces between sheets of linerboard and the outer sheet on corrugated materials. These flutes are in single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall. As a rule, larger flute profiles will provide greater cushioning, pressure resistance and bending from all directions.

For many years, this packaging was simply burned or thrown in a landfill. However, it has been found that they can be easily recycled, are a first-rate source of fiber that can be remade into new fiber and paper products.

Fiberboard shredders are also being used to further the life of corrugated packaging. When shredded, the resulting material is used for cushioning items being shipped.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are available in numerous sizes, which make them ideal for all types of packing or shipping. Whether you have something as small as a vase or as big as a refrigerator, there are boxes available that will be a perfect fit.

A seal, known as a Box Certificate, may be found on the bottom of the box. This seal provides information regarding gross weight limit, Edge Crush Test and size limit maximum outside dimensions. While not required it is an indication of compliance with corrugated box regulations.

Pop Displays

Every time you walk into a store, you will see corrugated pop displays. Developed by retail packaging engineers, this type of corrugated packaging is designed to attract your attention to various items that are for sale. These containers are used on custom floor, counter, pallet and other displays.

Packaging Companies

Reports reveal that there are approximately 1,300 corrugated manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States. This industry adds $26 billion to Canadian and United States economies.

There are various associations in Canada such as the Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association. Their mission is “To lead by advancing the competitiveness of the Canadian corrugated & containerboard industry…”. There are also other associations whose members are dedicated to manufacturing a product that is strong, durable and will provide safe packaging for everyone.

Clean Office

Cleaner Than Clean: Office Cleaning Tips

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Although you may have already contracted an office cleaning service for your workplace, there are still a number of things you can do to ensure cleanliness and tidiness. Getting everyone in the company involved in the cleanup effort will help commercial cleaning services do a better job, and it generally contributes to a cleaner workplace all around. Here are some tips on keeping your office neat and tidy.


Keep cleaning materials handy

Having essential cleaning materials readily available will encourage everyone to pitch in and do his share. Keep a closet or even just a couple of drawers in the general work area stocked with dusting sprays, glass cleaning solutions, wet wipes, paper towels, rags, and brushes. These materials should be sufficient for all but the most difficult cleaning jobs.


Keep things organized

Minimizing clutter is an important aspect of keeping the office space clean. Any piece of office equipment that can be moved should be returned to its proper place as soon as possible after use. Filing cabinets, pigeon holes, and overhead storage compartments can also help reduce clutter considerably.


Reduce desk clutter

Desk clutter should also be reduced, with each employee taking on the responsibility of keeping his own desk tidy. A cluttered desk often results in a domino effect wherein the clutter slowly starts to spread outward from the desk area. Clutter also hinders efficiency, limits productivity, and results in a generally messier office.


Clean your computer periodically

Computers are practically ubiquitous in the workplace by now, and they require their own special care and attention. The monitor and keyboard should be wiped down regularly with special wipes that can be purchased from a computer supply store. It is also a good idea to discourage employees from eating at the workstation. If it cannot be avoided, make sure that everyone is informed of his responsibility to keep his own workspace clean.


Clean your phone even more often

Because phones are handled by more people, they require even more frequent cleaning than computers. Periodic dusting is necessary, and a general purpose cleaning spray can be used for cleaning off oil and gunk buildup. It is also advisable to wipe the ear and mouthpieces and the dial pad with rubbing alcohol.


Keep common areas clean

Areas where people gather or those that are used constantly throughout the day are magnets for trash and clutter. Common areas such as these should be cleaned by the people who use them, immediately after they are done. It is also advisable to implement alternating schedules for taking out the trash receptacles from the common area.


Set up a system for the office kitchen/pantry 

Cleanliness is especially important in office kitchens, pantries, or any other spaces where food is consumed, prepared, or stored. Employees should be required to clean up after themselves, and to segregate their trash for disposal. Employees should also label any food they store in the office fridge with their name and contents. This will prevent the accumulation of containers of food with unknown contents and unknown owners. The fridge should also be cleaned out entirely from time to time, with any remaining food consumed or discarded.

Document Shredding

Document Shredding – Why Is It Important For Your Business?

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Document shredding can provide a variety of benefits to your company. While most important documents are stored digitally, it isn’t uncommon for a company to keep some paper records. If any of those documents contain confidential information, you don’t want them getting into the wrong hands. Here is how shredding can help a business stay secure and organized at the same time.


Shredding Can Reduce the Amount of Clutter in the Office

No matter what your intentions are, it is easy for paperwork to pile up on your desk, in a filing cabinet or even on the floor. This makes it easier to throw away an important document by accident or make it easier for someone to take an important document without you even knowing it. When you engage in document destruction, you eliminate the possibility of each situation occurring. However, if you do want to get rid of an important document, make sure that you scan it into a computer or onto your phone.


You May Be Required to Get Rid of Certain Documents

If an employee leaves your company, it may be necessary to destroy records related to that employee after a year or two. Even if you aren’t required to do so, it is in your best interest to ensure that all documents that have employee information are gotten rid of as soon as you are able to do so. This reduces the odds of an employee lawsuit because his or her information was stolen or otherwise used inappropriately.


Document Shredding Can Protect Intellectual Property

Shredding documents may make it easier to ensure that the competition is not able to get their hands on them or copy them in any manner. While you may retain a digital copy, you don’t have to show anyone digital copies of a patent, a product design or anything else that may need to be shown to an outsider. Once the physical copy is destroyed, you can rest assured that there is no way for anyone to see it without your permission in the future.


You Don’t Have to Destroy Documents By Yourself

If you want to get rid of documents, you can either do so on your own or hire a paper shredding services company to do it for you. This may be beneficial if you have large numbers of documents or need to make sure that they are destroyed according to industry standards. When done right, they cannot be reconstructed by those who want the information from those documents.

Destroying documents ensures that they go away forever and cannot be seen by anyone in the future. It protects your company, it protects anyone who is named in a document or documents and it ensures that outdated or irrelevant pieces of paper don’t create unnecessary clutter in the office.