Some of the simplest things can cause serious clogs and the need to have sewer lines professionally cleaned by a plumber. Below are nine things you shouldn’t put down into your garbage disposal.

1. Paint

Pouring paint down the kitchen drain will create a sludge that attracts organic materials to stick in your sewer line. It doesn’t matter whether it’s water soluble or not. It will settle at the bottom of your pipes and is hard to get to move on out of the pipes.

2. Grease

Meat fats and grease are some of the worst things you can send down your garbage disposal. It will completely coat your disposal and pipes. It allows other foods and debris to stick and you’ll eventually end up with a drainage problem that won’t go away without plumbing expertise.

3. Egg Shells

As innocent as eggshells seem, there’s a tendency for them to stick when making it past your garbage disposal. It’s the starting point of having a clog you can’t get rid of without professional help.

4. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another item that act as magnets for other food particles making their way out of your drains. A better use is to add them to your compost pile or simply toss them in the trash.

5. Potato Peels

You might think that potato peels would be easy for a garbage disposal to chop up and send on their way. The problem is some of them will slip through without being chopped and collect in the base of your drain pipes.

6. Fruit Pits

The pits of foods like peaches and avocados are hard and slippery. Large chunks can slip through and get stuck in your sewer line. Other foods and gunk will then pile up behind the pit pieces and you end up with a clogged drain. Find more online information and resources at the Drain Rescue website.

7. Rice and Beans

Rice and beans, when smashed, become a paste-like substance that will stick to anything. Your compost pile will benefit more than having it stuck in your sewer line.

8. Pasta

Pasta of all types has a high starch content. Starchy foods are sticky and end up a pile of gunk that acts like glue. Almost anything traveling through your drain pipes will stick to the pasta mess and create a clog.

9. Seafood Shells

Shrimp, crab, and lobster shells might seem to grind well in your garbage disposal, but often the pieces are sticking around in your sewer line. Smash them and place the shells in your compost heap, or throw them out with your normal trash.

Save money and stop dropping things down your garbage disposal that can cause major clogs and lead to the need of hiring a plumber.

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