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Stuck with your email marketing campaigns because you can’t figure out the types of emails to send? The goal of sending regular emails to your customers and prospects is to build great relationships. But what exactly are you supposed to say in the emails? It certainly can’t be a good idea to send irrelevant emails to your email list just to fulfil an obligation. You need to make sure the emails are valuable to your audience. Here are some types of emails you can send to customers to keep them engaged.

1.      Feedback Email

Feedback Email
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You need feedback from your customers to help improve your business. Your customers also need an avenue to express their gratitude or displeasure about your products and services. You can send a survey to your customers via email asking them to provide feedback about their experience and what you need to work on.

2.      Educational Email

Educational Email
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Have some tidbits of industry information your audience would find valuable? Why not send them emails with these little morsels of wisdom occasionally? Make sure to keep everything simple and relevant. Most times, you won’t even have to come up with your own original content. You can simply link to other people’s articles, infographics, and videos.

3.      Onboarding Email

Onboarding Email
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Often, you find that new customers are the warmest. The purchase they made is still fresh in their minds and are likely to return with very little prodding. The key to getting them to come back is to have them use your product right away. If they never use it, then the chances of losing the customer increase 10-fold. Send an onboarding email 48 hours after the purchase encouraging them to complete their profile or giving them some tips on how to use the product.

4.      Inactivity Email

Inactivity Email
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Re-engage dormant customers by sending inactivity emails if it has been a while since they interacted with your brand. Most times, the inactivity is down to the customer not fully understanding your products and services. Send them an email with a few tips on how to use the product or service. This may reignite their interest in your brand. You have nothing to lose by sending this message since the worst that can happen is for them to continue being inactive. These are some of the types of emails you can send to inactive customers. Consult an expert  at www.seotoronto.company on creative ways for reactivating dormant customers.

5.      The Offer Email

The Offer Email
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This type of email includes a coupon, discount code, or a special deal sent out to subscribers as a thank you for being your customer. Offer emails normally have sky-high open rates. Make sure to send out offers to your customers occasionally to keep them engaged.

6.      The We Are Hiring Email

The We Are Hiring Email
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Make your subscribers feel special by letting them know when you have a job opening. You can ask them to nominate people who they feel might be a good fit for the job. This not only gives them an opportunity to help those close to them land a job, but it also makes them feel like they’re part of the company.

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