There is nothing quite like a summer party to celebrate your business’s growth for the first part of the year. However, we know how draining it can be to come up with some summer party ideas to throw for your corporate events.

Your employees have done an outstanding job and it the best way to show them that they are appreciated, and value is to throw them a party to celebrate their fantastic work and dedication to the business.

Party rentals Toronto services are numerous and although they can capture the essence of what you may want – there is something so much more when you go well beyond the realm of expectations. So in this article, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 6 insane summer party ideas that will leave your employees in awe and have them having a great time.

6 Insane Summer Party Ideas That Will Leave You Always Remembering The Events

# 1 – Venue Party

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Toronto is home to many venues where you can rent out to throw a party for your employees. This may not seem like it is an original idea, but venues are spacious, packed with what you will need to throw a fantastic gratitude party.

It may be simple but sometime sit is the simple things that stand out the most. Most employees want to be told thank you for their hard work, and by throwing a party, you have already gone well beyond the realm of desire for what they want regarding gratitude.

# 2 – Villa Rentals

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Now stepping up your party idea game just a little bit. Renting out a villa for your employees may very well be a bit expensive, but this will help to show how much you value and appreciate the hard work your employees have placed in the business.

# 3 – Employee Getaway Trips

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Organizing a hiking trip can be a great idea. Not only is is adventurous but it can also be a team building experience for many employees. There is something about having to build a tent or create a campfire that can bring people together. So if you are looking to connect your team as well as offer them a fun time, then this may very well be the summer party idea for you.

(And it is nearly as expensive as our previous entry.) 

# 4 – Pizza Party

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Okay. Before you say a pizza party with a lifted eyebrow – who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza parties are fantastic and as we have already mentioned most employees are happy with a simple thank you. Pizza is an amazing part idea no matter how many people throw them.

# 5 – Beach Party

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Beach parties are a great time to be had. There is something about the sand, the ocean, the freedom that can make having a party out here so enjoyable.

# 6 – Party Yacht

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Lastly, now this may very well be a bit noticeable on your bank account but if you can even consider this party idea then your business must have been done monstrously good this year so why not thank all the people who made it possible.

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