It’s important to be smart about how you get items delivered to people and businesses around time. Often, small business shipping is expensive and doesn’t have the fast delivery time that you need, which is when you want to explore hiring a courier.

There are a few questions to ask.

1. How far do you deliver?

Many courier services will deliver all across the county. Some will go within a specific mile range of where their offices are. The people or businesses you deliver to need to be within the delivery range for you to truly benefit from what a courier service has to offer.

2. What is the deadline for same-day delivery?

It’s common to suddenly need documents to go across town and reach a place by COB. If you deal with the courthouse, you might need documents to be there before a specific case is seen. Whatever it might be, a courier service will have a cut-off time for when they can guarantee same-day delivery. There might also be rush fees applied.

3. What are the costs?

You should know about all of the costs involved with using a courier. Often, it’s cheaper to use a courier than to use small business shipping, especially when you need it there the same or next day. Check out the Flagship Courier Solutions website if you want to learn more.

4. Are there price breaks for ongoing/regular deliveries?

If you have a one-time courier need versus regular deliveries, there might be different rates applied. Many companies will reward regularity with discounts in one form or another. It’s best to look into this kind of thing ahead of time so you can clinch the best possible rates for your business.

5. What is the size or quantity limits to use a courier?

There might be minimum or maximum quantities for using a courier, regardless of whether it’s in the form of envelopes, tubes, or number of deliveries. Additionally, there might be limits to the size of package you can hand over to a courier. If you have a large number of delivered to go all over town with a same-day delivery, it might not always be possible due to sheer volume, so it’s best to ask the question ahead of time.

Once you have gotten answers to all of the questions, it’s easier to choose the right courier. You should always have confidence in the courier services you have in place for your business.

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