As a business owner, shipping goods can be a complicated and a costly process. You could be losing money on shipping without even realizing it. Because, let’s face it, you’re more focused on increasing sales, customer services, marketing and creating opportunities for business growth and shipping is the last thing on your mind. But if not handled properly, the shipping part of your business could easily become a leak in your business; one that costs you money, especially on packaging supplies, and keeps you from making the maximum profit.

If you’re one of those businesses that don’t do bulk shipping or have a shipping manager to oversee this complex process, it’s crucial you follow certain guidelines to keep your business running smoothly without an unnecessary costs.

1- Business- Specific Packaging Supplies
These days cardboard boxes come in all shapes and forms to suit just about every product you can think of. If you feel that corrugated boxes or bubble mailers are not the right fit for you, you can always opt for any number of custom product packaging that not only protect your goods, but will ensure you get better customer satisfaction. Whether you’re shipping computers, phone accessories or any other fragile merchandise, there’s always specific packages that suit your budget and guarantee the safety of your products. When the customer receives your package in mint condition they’re bound to give your business good reviews and want to do business with you again.

2- Custom Cardboard Boxes
Another way to promote your business is to use custom cardboard boxes with your company logo on them. If you don’t have the budget for that, consider using a custom label instead. This has the advantage of making your brand stand out and gives your free advertising. If you’re going to use those boxes anyway, why not put your brand on them?

3- Smart Packaging
There are many ways to save money on shipping supplies than just selling online. Instead of using the same box size for every product, why not combine a bunch of smaller items together in one box. Using the same industrial packaging for every product no matter its size or weight can cost you money on the long run. Because you get charged based on the size and weight of your shipping boxes, you’ll need think smart. Go through the supplies options on offer and choose the most economic supplies for your goods.

4- Cushioning items
You can choose the cheapest boxes but you can’t cut down costs when it comes to cushioning items such as bubble wrap, loose fill, and newsprint. This material protects your products and keeps them from reaching your customers in a bad condition. The last thing you want is for a customer to complain online that they received a damaged product. Always make sure you have enough budget for cushioning items.

5- Inventory Management System
These systems are crucial in operating a business that requires shipping. They help you keep track of your shipping supplies and if you need to stock up on product packaging before a big order. Imagine you’re sending a big shipment to an important client only to be told you don’t have any packaging supplies. Then orders start to back up and you lose money and clients. Inventory management systems solve these problems for you and keep your business running efficiently.

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