Proper document destruction is a must for securing sensitive employee files, customer records, and business information. Privacy protection should be your top priority when looking for paper shredding services. When it comes to proper hard drive destruction, for example, you need an IT professional with advanced knowledge on safe, reliable ways of destroying electronic media as your employees may not be up to the task. While relying on your office shredder is a great option, there are several specific benefits you get by outsourcing the work.

1. Increases Efficiency

It takes a lot of time to feed paper through your shredding machine. With the many steps involved in the process such as removing paper clips and staples, straightening the papers, cleaning up tiny particles of the papers, disclosing the shredded paper, and oiling shredded blades, it might take your in-house team several hours to shred a few documents. You end up paying them to destroy materials instead of generating revenue for your company. But professional paper shredding services enable your employees to maximize the use of their time.

2. Saves Money

The cost of maintaining an internal shredding program is high. You will need to purchase shredders, buy disposal bags, perform maintenance, replace inoperable equipment, and settle utility expenses. Using paper shredding services can be more cost-effective given that you don’t need to incur all these costs.

3. Protects your Reputation

Your business reputation is probably your most important asset. Without it, you cannot do any business. If you rely on your inexperienced staff to destroy the documents, they might ultimately fall into the hands of wrong people. Since it doesn’t take a long time these days for a privacy breach to become a news headline, use a proper document destruction service to be safe.

4. Ensures Proper Recycling

Recycling your documents contributes to a healthier environment. But after using your local service, it is risky to set the materials aside for recycling. Besides, your employees may not understand what they need to do to properly recycle the wastes. Professional shredding services do both shredding and recycling in closed buildings protected by advanced security procedures and technology. Visit the Shred-it website for more information.

5. Offers Mobile Services

Some paper shredding services may collect your documents and consequently remove them before shredding. The transportation of the papers takes a long period, and you don’t know exactly how secure they are during this time.

But you can overcome this problem by hiring mobile services to ensure the work is done in your office premises. This gives you an opportunity to closely supervise the shredding work so that you can be completely sure that documents were disposed of securely and properly.

You may not like outsourcing for a few reasons, but when it comes to keeping your data safe, protecting your reputation, and increasing your business efficiency, there’s surely no better way to do the job.

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