Recess, PE and organized sports at every level of schooling can offer a huge return on investment to children and teens. Physically active kids are healthier in a multitude of ways, even mentally, as is indicated in studies that measured an increase in learning and academic ability in students after exercising. What is more, the many quantifiable and positive effects of a well-funded and fully supported PE program in kindergarten all the way through high school stay with children well into adulthood. Read on to see why safe bleacher seats are just one of the basics of outfitting a highly functional, effective and safe school gym.

1. Basic but crucial equipment

“Sturdy”, “dependable” and “intuitive to use” are terms that aren’t likely to get anyone very excited. But for the basic equipment in a school gymnasium – a space likely to be used by lots of people for the majority of hours on any given day during the school year – these words reflect the qualities that are a must for basic school gym equipment, such as bleacher seats, gym divider curtains, basketball posts and other basic items. Such items that are reliable, strong and easy to use will allow a school’s gym space to be used as effectively, efficiently and safely as possible.


2. School gym equipment 

Most schools don’t have a very large budget for gym equipment, but the results are in and the ROI involved in providing well-built, safe and reliable fitness and strength training equipment to students — and the opportunity to make use of them — is, in a word, huge. The discipline and goal setting nature of fitness training can help young people form strong bonds with their fellow students, their families and even the community at large. And this is just one benefit among many.

3. School sports equipment 

From baseball and volleyball to lacrosse and soccer and many more sports, organized sporting matches and short informal games during PE class can teach children about working as a team and encourage them to see how much fun and beneficial physical exercise can be.

As students try out different sports, they will likely develop a preference for some and a distaste for others. This makes it all the more important for school administrators to work to equip their PE staff and gyms with as many types of school sports equipment as possible.


4. The basic necessities any school gym coach needs 

The basic school PE supplies are what allow a gym teacher to do his or her job, and as such must be included in this list. These supplies can vary from balls of all kinds, gym mats, jerseys and jump ropes to any of the unique activity sets that are on the market.


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