This article talks about the reasons why it is essential that schools have air conditioners installed. For many years now, you will realize that weather affects a lot of school activities. It can go from one end to another, and both are quite devastating and make it very difficult to attend school let alone concentrate in class. A school trip can be affected and sometimes canceled as a result of snow, or the school sports’ day postponed due to the heavy rains. Either way, there isn’t much that you can do to counter these situations, but adapt and hope that it changes for the better.

The best thing that the school can do is to provide a conducive learning environment that is safe, productive, and comfortable for the students and teachers in these institutions. Schools need to ensure that they consider the physical comfort of all the staff and students as much as they consider learning. There is no way a student will grasp what his/her teacher is teaching when the learning environment is not conducive. And the same goes for the staff members as well, who can teach best only when provided the best teaching environments.

Why temperature matters

Studies have revealed that higher temperatures can induce aggressive behavior in humans and even animals. And this is evident when you get into a school on a hot sunny day and study the behavior of the students and teachers alike. It has also been found that most students who have been exposed to high temperatures of above 28°C for too long tend to perform very poorly in their examinations as compared to the other students at the average temperatures. And you will find that most schools, if not all, hold their most important examinations during the summer periods. This means that, for the schools to avoid recording poor examination scores from its students, it needs to take appropriate measures to control the heat problem.

Here is a list of why schools need to install air conditioning systems in its buildings.

  1. A comfortable learning environment

As the pupil numbers soar, the number of teaching space reduces with classrooms become fuller and intolerable coupled with the rising high temperatures. This is where air conditioning comes in. The AC will bring in some level of comfort and cool air that will make the learning environments tolerable.

  1. High concentration levels

You will notice that a person’s brain usually tends to switch off from concentrating during very hot temperatures. And this can make the learning process very difficult to deal with both the teachers and the students. You are most likely going to see much better results when you install AC systems in schools and control the temperatures in optimal degrees conducive for learning.

  1. Greater flexibility

Teachers can schedule lessons that are more mentally demanding even on the hottest of days as long as the AC systems can do their work and provide the optimal temperatures for teaching.

Decreased heat stroke cases

Heat stroke cases are higher in the hot weather compared to the warm and cold weather. The ACs can help to control this by providing the conducive temperatures to prevent such issues.

Keeping the costs and heat down

Most of the time, you find that schools try to avoid installing AC systems due to the expenses involved. The benefits that come with AC in schools far outweigh these expenses.

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