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Roadtrip Guide to the Grand Pacific Drive

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An unforgettable journey in which you choose the adventures is lying ahead on the Grand Pacific Drive. Pack a picnic, visit a car rental in Sydney, and head south toward Royal National Park where you will cross the Pacific on the Sea Cliff Bridge.

From adventure to relaxation, the choices are limitless. There is an abundance of photo ops, walking trails, beaches, and rainforests.

Royal National Park

Approximately an hour south of Sydney’s CBD you will enter the world’s oldest named national park. With 15,000 hectares of walking and cycling trails, beaches, and picnic areas, there is something for everyone. You can go whale watching, visit landmarks such as Eagle Rock, walk the 30K Coastal Walk, or relax at the lagoon in Watamolla.


About 45 minutes south, you’ll enter a perfect combination of beach and big city life. You will see Mt. Kiera and Mt. Kembla providing breathtaking background views. On the ‘Blue Mile’ you can enjoy restaurants, art, and a new shopping center. There are 17 beaches, botanic gardens, and amazing villages surrounding Wollongong.


The Grand Pacific Drive takes you across Lake Illawarra into Shellharbour 30 minutes south. You can visit an aviation museum at Illawarra Regional Airport, one of many sporting venues, or spend some time on one of the beautiful golf courses. Shellharbour is quickly growing and is always adding new dining and shopping experiences.


Just 15 minutes further south, you’ll encounter scenic Kiawa. Visit The Blowhole and see why the first settlers named it “the place where the sea makes a noise”. Kiama is lined with coastal walkways and historic buildings. Visit the Minnamurra Rainforest and observe the many waterfalls and streams, or climb Saddleback Mountain for an uninterrupted view of the district and coastline.


The popular holiday destination of Shoalhaven is approximately 45 minutes south of Kiama. It’s known for its abundance of lodging styles from camping to luxurious hotels. Here you can go fishing, relax on the many beaches, or visit a winery.

Southern Highlands

Rounding up your Grand Pacific Drive adventure is Southern Highlands. Located a little over an hour south of Shoalhaven, it provides amazing views of spectacular homes and gardens. You can visit Fitzroy Falls, go ziplining at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, or explore the Wombeyan Caves. The adjoining village of Bowral is known for its boutiques, gourmet restaurants, gardens, and galleries.


Selecting an Appropriate Leak Detection Method

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Businesses that package products that are then prone to either liquid or gas leaks use leak detection equipment as an aspect of their quality control. There’s a range of commercial leak detection methods available, and fitness to a particular packaged product depends on a number of factors. Choosing the appropriate technique requires answering the following five questions:

What Type or Types of Packages Will You Test?

The most obvious of the five question deals with the specific requirements of your particular packaging. Each kind of packaging, such as vacuum packaging, has a testing method that’s best suited to it. While often an easy question to answer, it can lead to some concerns that are more difficult to work out, such as when you employ hybrid packaging or require one solution for multiple package types.

Is a Destructive Leak Test Suitable?

Leak detection equipment and the methods they employ can be either destructive, which means that the test subject is destroyed in the process, or non-destructive, which means that the product can then be put through another quality control test or even sent to a seller or consumer. Whether you choose destructive or non-destructive will usually depend on the size of the sample that you require.

Do You Require Inline or Sample-Based Testing?

Sample-based testing is when you pull one or more packaged products from a batch and test them. This approach is usually best when your required sample size is relatively small. Inline testing is when the leak detection equipment is built into the manufacturing process and usually automated. This approach is ideal when you need to test all products package or at least a very high percentage of them.

How Much Gas Does Each Package Contain?

If your packages don’t contain gas, then you can skip this question. If they do contain gas, then you must determine the pressure per package. Most leak detection equipment for gas will require a certain level of pressure, and you’ll have to make a choice based on that amount as well as the package type.

What Leak Size Must Be Identified and What Is the Detection Limit?

This is actually two questions in one, but these questions are tightly coupled, and through the process of answering one, you’ll likely answer the other. These questions center on your confidence limit and determining if all leaks must be identified or if there’s a particular risk threshold. Bubble testing, for instance, is relatively inexpensive but not suitable to detecting microleaks. Using test gases, on the other hand, is more expensive but quite effective at isolating those microleaks. You might be interested in visiting FlexPak for more information.

What To Look For In A Debt Collection Lawyer

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When you cannot collect a debt on your own, it may be time to find a good debt collection lawyer. People will often respond to an attorney much more quickly than to an ordinary citizen. Commercial litigation, however, can be a complicated process. It’s therefore important that you choose the right lawyer for your needs.

When to Hire a Debt Collection Lawyer

It’s always simpler to handle issues such as outstanding debts yourself. At the same time, there’s only so much you can do. If the person or company who owes you money is not responding to your phone calls, letters or emails, it’s time to seek the help of a professional. Only you can decide if it’s worth the time and expense of hiring an attorney. The fact is, though, that a professional can often get results that you could not achieve on your own.

Finding the Right Lawyer

A commercial litigation lawyer is someone who specialises in collecting unpaid debts. He or she can contact the debtor in an official capacity and help you get what you are owed. When seeking such a lawyer, you should check the person’s credentials. Find out how much experience the lawyer or firm has and if they’ve worked on cases similar to yours.

You also have to consider the fee. Some debt collection lawyers charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Many such lawyers operate on a contingency basis, meaning that they only collect a fee if they are successful at recovering your debt. In this case, the lawyer would take a percentage of the amount collected.

One way to locate a debt collection lawyer is to consult a professional association that lists lawyers who operate in your area. When comparing lawyers, you should find one with whom you’re comfortable talking and who answers your questions. You might also look at client testimonials or reviews that are published on the lawyer’s website or on review sites.

While you want a lawyer who is confident, you should be wary of anyone who guarantees results. No reputable lawyer can promise a successful outcome. An experienced lawyer can, however, tell you about his or her success rate on similar cases.

A Lawyer Can Help You Recover Your Debt

Finding the right commercial litigation lawyer is often the most effective way to recover an outstanding debt. After exhausting all attempts to recover hte debt on your own, you should begin by visiting This allows you to place the matter in the hands of an expert so you can get on with your life.

Why It Is Important For A Security Guard To Report Any Incidents ASAP

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Security guards are hired with the goal of preventing people from getting hurt or even worse outside of an office building, public event or private residence. However, it is still possible for an altercation to occur or for someone to attempt to cause harm. Whenever something happens that is unusual or leads to an altercation, it is critical that an incident management system includes immediate reporting.

Why Should All Incidents Be Reported Immediately?

Reporting an incident immediately allows it to be entered into a database that can be used to refine or improve guard practices or training programs. Over time, security guard management companies can use this information to modify what guards learn during training or what they should look out for in a given area. Ideally, this will keep them one step ahead of those who wish to cause harm to individuals or groups of people.

Incident Reporting Should Be Made Easy

Reporting an incident should be easy for security guards so that they will get into the habit of making thorough, timely and accurate reports. Incident reporting software can prompt an individual for pertinent details that should go into the report to make it worthwhile for law enforcement or others who may need it. When done correctly, those who have committed a crime or planned to do so can be brought to justice. It may also make it easier to stop those who are acting suspicious from having the chance to commit a crime against the community.

Reporting Everything Makes it Easier to Connect the Dots

When taken on its own, a case may seem irrelevant or involve only a minor offense. However, when taken in the context of several cases in a given area, it may suddenly become part of a larger plot that security guards should be concerned about. For instance, protocol for lost children may involve trying to contact their parents and releasing the children back into their custody.

In some cases, it could be a ploy for a criminal to pose as a parent to abduct a child. That adult could also be using a child as an excuse to survey how security responds or as a method of getting into a central security office. Unless every incident is documented as it happens, it may not be possible to use those small details to stop what may be a more widespread problem.

Security guards should be encouraged to report everything that they see. Doing so makes it easier to keep people safe whether they are going home from work or trying to get into a public festival. While not all crime can be prevented, it is still worthwhile to do what it takes to stop as many crimes from occurring as possible.

Why Museums Are Great Places For Scavenger Hunts

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You might think of a scavenger hunt as child’s play, but this traditional game makes an ideal team building exercise. A hunt turns team building from a dreaded office exercise into one of your company’s special events. But it offers much more than a party atmosphere. It’s an entertaining and interactive way to encourage teamwork, learning and spur out of the box thinking.

Team Building Goals
When you make learning fun, it becomes easier to learn. Team building exercises provide an opportunity to:
– improve teamwork,
– improve workplace happiness,
– forge more meaningful relationships between co-workers,
– improve productivity.
These broad goals translate to more specific tools and strategies that evolve a better workplace when conducting a scavenger hunt.

What Scavenger Hunts Offer
A hunt requires the team to use good communication techniques, critical thinking skills and analysis to solve clues and locate each item. Since it uses a time limit it also tests group time management. As employees locate each item, they experience improved confidence. The entire experience promotes positivity and positive thinking by giving co-workers an enjoyable, stress-free mutual goal. A museum provides an ideal location since it provides an all-weather, diverse environment.

Museum Ideas
Think out of the box regarding museums. A silent gallery filled with the Great Masters might come to mind, but you can tailor the type of museum to your needs. Your museum choices include:
– art,
– natural history,
– science and industry,
– specialty.
A specialty museum focuses on a sole topic, such as baseball, military, or automobiles. A manufacturing firm might choose to host its special event in a museum of science and industry. The museum provides a learning environment for employees who experience the history of manufacturing. It provides inspiration by showing how each innovator developed his or her contribution, including the challenges faced. If there’s no science and industry or specialty museum near you that fits your industry, you can create a themed hunt using an art or natural history museum focusing on a particular artist, period, era or epoch.

A museum scavenger hunt provides one of the most ideal corporate team building activities by providing an opportunity for employees to jointly improve communications, inter-office relations, advanced skills like critical thinking, and build confidence in themselves and one another in a positive, fun learning environment. A museum offers unique, industry specific exhibits that enhance knowledge while providing inspiration.