Five Hacks to Fit your Entire Life into a Cramped Dorm Room

Moving to college is a double-edged sword fraught with excitement and worry. Uprooting your entire life and making it fit into a cramped dorm room is a challenge. Once the dust of unpacking has settled and the college movers have delivered your big stuff, the issue of organizing your things into such limited space becomes a monumental task. Here are five hacks to help you settle into your mouse hole, oops, dorm room:

1. Use Stackable Bins

With such limited space in a dorm room, professional college movers advice that using vertical space is one nifty solution in creating more room for storage. Invest in stackable bins to store your things. Aside from being space savers, the see-through or semi-opaque color of these bins can help you easily identify what’s inside. Using stackable bins will also help you stay organized because you can compartmentalize your belongings. The information on the Matco Calgary Movers website is a good resource if you want to learn more.

2. Attach Wall Hooks and Mounts

Make use of your walls to create more storage space. You can use sturdy hooks to hang your bags, belts, necklaces, scarves, coats, and other paraphernalia. Wall mounts can help you install shelving for your books. These handy hooks and mounts can also help you put pocket shelving behind your door. Utilizing every inch of space is a smart move.

3. Utilize Space Under the Bed

There’s always a lot of space under your bed so be sure to bring a collapsible bag or a plastic bin that fits right under it. You can store rarely used items there such as towels, linens, sporting equipment, and the like. Buying a vacuum bag might be an even better idea because this allows you to suck the air out of your things, compressing bulky items. Doing so enables you to fit more stuff under your bed.

4. Invest in Folding Furniture

Buy folding furniture that you can stow away when they are not in use. Folding tables, folding chairs, and even folding beds that you can store flat by the side of a wall are always welcome in small spaces. They add functionality without adding to the clutter or disrupting the room’s already limited floor plan.

5. De-clutter your Closet

The final, but most important hack is to de-clutter your closet. Moving to college is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. Take out all the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last couple of months. The chances of you wearing them again are minimal. Replace old holey shirts and worn out pants. Throwaway your shoes that have seen better days. Moving to a college is transitioning to an adult life. Doing it without excess baggage is the best way to start your new life with flair and style.

6 Signs That You Have Been Approached By A Fraud Moving Company

When you plan to shift, the choice of a packing and moving company can be very important. That is not only because of unprofessional movers who fail to deliver your stuff in proper condition but also because of the crooks who disguise themselves as movers and run away with all your belongings. Tracking down such frauds when you’re moving interstate can be very difficult and you may lose all your belongings in one go. Therefore, it’s better to proceed with caution and avoid dealing with such movers.

So here we’re going to tell you about 6 signs of fraud moving companies. Watch out for them while selecting and dealing with your movers to stay on the safe side. Let’s get started:

#1. Registration Records

Registration Records

Those who’re in the business of packing and moving from quite some time will be operating as a mover registered with the authorities. On the other hand, those who’s new or those who’re in the business of looting others will not be registered with authorities. Your best bet will be to go with registered packers and movers to avoid any problems later.

#2. Poor Ratings and Reviews

poor rating

The rise of the internet has given us the opportunity to avoid being duped. Just as we can check the ratings and reviews of anything on Amazon before buying it we can also check the quality of a packing and moving company before hiring it. Reviews on platforms like Google Maps, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and local search engines can help you determine how good and professional a particular mover is before you hire them.

#3. Lack of Proper Permits/Licenses

Permit by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Heavy vehicles like trucks and trolleys can’t be run without proper licenses. Especially for moving companies it’s a must to have their trucks licensed/permitted for interstate moves. For example, if someone is operating a professional and reliable moving company in Calgary then they can’t get done with a Calgary movers license alone – they’ll also have an interstate license to move things between different states. If a company is lacking any such interstate license it’s most probably not serious in the business. There’s a good chance that it has some evil intentions.

#4. Quality of estimates

Quality of estimates

The quality of estimates that you receive from the moving company also says a lot about the reliability of moving company. A professional moving company will never send half-baked estimates to its customers. Professional moving companies conduct a survey of your house before the move to provide you an estimate of how much the move will cost. If the company you’re dealing with refuses to conduct any such survey, or doesn’t bring up the topic of a survey at all… you may be dealing with the wrong guys.

#5.  Ultra-low Prices

Ultra-low Prices

It’s one thing to be affordable, another thing to be too affordable. And often when we go for something too affordable, we pay the price by something else. In the case of movers, the consequences of choosing a company with ultra-low prices can be disastrous. That is because crooks posing as packers and movers try to attract more and more customers (aka targets) with ultra-low prices. Be wary of moving companies that quote a price much lower than industry standards.

#6. Rented trucks

Rented trucks
Flickr/Atomic Taco

No legitimate moving company will have an unmarked truck that doesn’t mention its name, address and contact details. If you find all trucks in the fleet of a moving company to be unmarked, and if the company is not registered, you’re most probably dealing with frauds.

Final Thoughts

So these were the 6 signs of dealing with a fraud moving company. You should completely avoid dealing with any movers who reflect these signs. If you don’t, you may run into serious trouble. Also, share some other sings of fraud movers in the comments if you know about them. Happy moving!

Metallic door handle with key

Essential Information on Door Locks for First Time Home Buyers

We live in an era where everything has become digital and is the key to easy living. We have lived through the era of fumbling for the door keys in your bag when you get home. This guide is to let you understand that there are more than your usual key systems to open and enter your home.

As a first-timer, you would have queries about what type of a door lock your home should have. We give you a detailed account of the type of locks that are used for homes.

Smart locks

Smart Lock
Credit: Flickr/Nuki Smart Lock

You would have heard your friends talk about having smart locks at their homes and how it’s easy to operate. Most of the digitally enabled locks come with a key in case, of a system failure. People who are used to the traditional methods of locks need not worry as there are digital locks which come with both the options. Smart locks are termed as the safest mode of a lock as it can monitor details of who comes in and goes at what time. With Bluetooth connectivity to it, you could just unlock your door with your smartphone.

Scott Lewis [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Smart locks are priced well above the regular door locks and are anything above $100 range. It can’t be picked up from a local hardware store where you can install it yourself or with the help of a locksmith. Most of the smart locks come with several features which would have to be explained by experts for you. Most of these smart locks come with a mobile app for you to install. It helps you personalize the settings for the lock and can even add access schedules.

Smart Locks
Credit: Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

If you are going for a smart lock that is Bluetooth enabled, you will have to well within 40 feet for the lock to catch your signal. There are locks that are WiFi enabled and if it is connected to your home router, it can be controlled from anywhere and everywhere. This is easier for business establishments to track who came in and left with a time log management.

One of the several features that come with a smart lock is voice activation.  As per locksmith, this feature makes locking and unlocking doors a smooth ride. With commands like ‘Lock the door’ or ‘unlock the door’, your work is done.

Traditional Locks

wooden door with metallic door handle with key

This is for people who trust and believe in the traditional key lock systems. It is never an outdated system as there are several types of key locks that are coming in and out of fashion. Some of the traditional key locks that are sought after are Padlocks, Deadbolts, Knob locks, Jimmy Proof Deadbolts, Rim Latch locks among others. Most of these traditional knocks can be installed with the help of your neighborhood locksmith. You can make more than a copy of your keys and this brings down the possibility of losing them out.

Traditional lock

In the era of electronic and smart locks, it is up to one’s personal choice of what security that is needed for their homes. Smart locks could have their occasional failures and can’t be easily solved if so. Traditional keys are easier to replace or make if you lose a copy. Smart locks do have an upper hand with the security factor especially if you have children at home. Make an informed and smart decision and we wish you a happy move time.